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A select group of veterinarian experts specialize in aquatic animal health and diseases. They provide professional veterinary services to pet fish owners, public aquariums, ornamental fish industry, and educational institutions.

Ick is a disease that causes your fish to get small, grain-like spots on their body. In freshwater, this disease is caused by protozoa named Ichthyophthirius Multifilis and is very contagious. The parasites grow in the skin of the fish, where they form the white spots called cysts. Once the cysts mature, thousands of new parasites are released into the water.

Gill disease make the fish appear to be swimming in a great hurry, but it does not move at all. The fins flap very fast, and the fish gasp for breath at the surface, or lie listless at the bottom. The gills become swollen and discolored. Bacteria, fungi and parasites in water can cause gill disease.

Grayish white marks or patches on the body of the fish or around its mouth are the first obvious signs of Columnaris. The fins of the fish may show signs of deterioration, the gills get affected and slowly sores start appearing on the body. Columnaris is mostly a direct result of poor water quality.